Freitag, 19. Februar 2010

Swiss Ska Special

broadcasted live @ Radio LoRa Zurich 97,5 Mhz - 5th of March 2009

I've got this feeling somebody skank with me...
4 hours of Ska - past, present, future – the ultimate podcast to swiss ska music
Skabeats&more live from Switzerland

  • Mr. Symarip (Ska Splash Skegness UK April 2008)
  • Roy Ellis (Rosslau 2008)


  • Lee „Scratch“ Perry, Mr. Symarip – Roy Ellis, Les Congelateurs, Shame and Scandal Family, Die Aeronauten, Ska Nerfs, Admiral James T., Tobin Taxi, Kerbholz, Kalles Kaviar, The Dons, The Peacocks, Jar, Pouffy Poup, Nguru, Ingraban, Monsters, The Ventilators, Alaska, Lama, Luana Point, Quatre in Toulouse, Radio Active, Godzilla, Stevens Nude Club, Peek a Boo, The Basement Brothers feat. The Kitchenettes, Explosions, Plenty Enuff, Stan or Itchy

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